Blog: VOC Thoughts

It seems to me that many people are jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to doing Voice of the Customer (VOC). I truly believe that many of these people have the whole VOC process a bit misconstrued. Let us start by defining what VOC is not. It is not a sales call! It is not a problem solving session for current products (although, you may find that you need to do that as a separate part of the meeting to get the customer to really engage with you). It is not a time to show next revisions of your product to your customers. The true goal of the VOC is to understand the customers issues and problems….not just with the product they are buying from you, but the business issues and problems. It is our job as marketeers to understand these problems and issues and turn them into opportunities and growth vehicles by finding ways to solve their problems that the customers haven’t ever thought of. This can best be accomplished by forgetting your current products and services and focusing on the customer!

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