Marketing and product management executive looking for a new opportunity to create a high-performance team resulting in leading-edge products and winning brand strategies.  Experienced in Enterprise Software / SaaS, Embedded Software, Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Energy Management, and Safety Technology.


  • Responsible for $80M/YR Product, Software and Services Business & $70M Safety Technology Business
  • Led Product Management, Marketing, Training, Business Process Improvement and Engineering organizations


  • Leader of B2B marketing teams managing new product concept through launch and commercialization of 15+ technology products.
  • Developed strategic marketing plans and marketing processes
  • Thought leadership and branding initiatives resulting in 500% increase in lead generation.
  • Managed $3M marketing budget.


  • New product innovation and development yielding more than $1 Billion in total revenue.
  • Thought Leadership – Social Media, iPhone, Webinars, Virtual/Avatars, Trade-show concepts


  • APAC & European Experience in Joint Ventures and Product Development
  • Lived abroad for 3 years


  • Degreed Engineer with MBA
  • Certifications: Pragmatic Marketing, AIPMM, Inbound Marketing University, SPIN Selling, and Green Belt

“Bob is a very passionate and highly engaged Marketing expert. His strong customer focus in combination with his outstanding critical thinking capabilities makes him a great asset in brainstorming and strategy sessions. Bob is not shy to think differently – very refreshing and needed in every company which truly wants to progress.”
– Ralf Drews, CEO, Draeger

“Bob is a very talented Product Management guy. He very quickly came to understand a complicated product line and a cluttered strategy and was instrumental in helping us develop a rational global product development and deployment strategy. His plans are clear and concise, written for an audience that may not be an expert in the domain, and free of fluff and “shiny things”. He’s a funny and friendly guy who fits well in a cross-functional organization and always works to bring consensus and get things done.”
– Jeff Haagenstad, CTO, Novar/Honeywell

    For a PDF copy of my complete portfolio, you can download it here.
    My current resume can be downloaded here.

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