Product Management Value Creation in excess of $1 Billion 

  • Product Management expertise in Hardware, Firmware, Embedded Software, and Enterprise Software.
  • Led Product Management teams in Building Control, Alarm Management, Enterprise Energy Analytics, and Safety Technology products.
  • Dual Certified as Product Manager & Product Marketing Manager.
  • Instituted Pragmatic Marketing Model in Fortune 50 and International Companies.



    Safety Technology Products
  • Launched 9 new products in 12 months in gas detection, breathing systems, chemical protection, and thermal imaging
  • New product launch process created and deployed to support launches.
  • $1.5M reduction of inventory through product life cycle process.


Enterprise SW

    Enterprise SW – Alarm Pro and Services Toolset
  • First SaaS implementation and launch within Novar group.  Provided remote configuration, alarming, and energy analytics dashboards for customers and internal users. Advanced alarm analytics allowing prioritization and notification of 300,000+ alarms/day.
  • Helped to transition Novar from a Hardware supplier to a Software and Services Solution Provider. Key to creating $6M/yr of incremental revenue

    Building Control / Energy System – Opus
  • Re-use of acquired technology allowing market launch within 12 months.
  • Incremental $8M/yr of Revenue
  • Flexible architecture allowed penetration into adjacent market space.
Opus Building Control

    Rockwell Automation

Flex I/O
    Flex I/O
  • Created $130M/yr business based on a new disruptive technology
  • Winner of Rockwell’s Chairmans Team award – Only one team is selected per business. Multiple Editors Choice and Customer Choice awards
  • Subject of Boston Consulting study of “Best in Class” Product Developments.

    Highly Distributed Control
  • Next generation distributed control technology allowing for the “essence of control” to reside in plant floor devices.
  • Multiple patents and intellectual property created. Received 2 patents for program construction/deconstruction and advanced control algorithms
Highly Distributed Control


Pragmatic Marketing Model

Pragmatic Marketing Model

Trained practitioner of Pragmatic Marketing. Brought Pragmatic Marketing concepts to Honeywell and formalized Pragmatic Marketing training to Draeger. Reorganized Marketing department at Draeger to support Pragmatic Marketing model.

    For a PDF copy of my complete portfolio, you can download it here.
    My current resume can be downloaded here.

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